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What is Freeze-Dried Floral Preservation?
Freeze-dried floral preservation is the best process of preserving flowers in the industry.   This state-of-the-art technology creates flowers that are perfectly preserved.  The flowers are placed in a freeze-dry machine, frozen to -25 degrees and thru a period of time (approx two weeks), a vacuum pump extracts moisture from the flowers as the temperature is slowly raised.  We use the latest pre and post treatments in the industry to insure the best possible quality.  The fresh appearance of the flowers are shatter resistant, and the color has been enhanced to minimize fading over time.  The flowers longevity increases especially when they are designed in one of our showcase containers, which protects the flowers from the elements. back to top

What is the process?
Floral Keepsakes has fine-tuned this process over the last 20 years to achieve the most beautiful flowers!  Most important, get the flowers to us A.S.A.P.  the fresher they are when we get them, the better the results. Upon arrival, we re-hydrate the flowers, photograph and tag your flowers.  After they have had a good drink, each bloom will be pre-treated with one of our many scientifically developed solutions to insure pliability and color retention.  They then are ready for the freeze-dry machine.  At time of design process,  a wire stem is added to each flower. Then, each flower is hand tinted for color enhancement so that the natural looking color of the flower will be retained for years to come. Each flower is then sealed with a thin polymer UVA coating to protect against sun/light and moisture damage. back to top

When should I place my order?
If you know you want to preserve your flowers, please call us as soon as possible at 602-274-3074 to reserve a space in our freeze dryer.   You don’t have to pick out a display case until the flowers are done being freeze dried.

We will call you when your flowers are out of the machine (approx. 4 to 8 weeks), and then you can bring your keepsakes into us and pick out a case.

Of course we encourage you to pick out a display case before that time, so we can have the display case ordered and in for you by the time the flowers are done being freeze-dried. back to top

How long does flower preservation take?
Our average turnaround time for orders is 10-14 weeks from finalizing ALL your order details and providing us with all necessary keepsakes and deposits. This turnaround could talk longer, depending on the bridal season..

The process of freeze-drying and framing is intensely detailed, requires a high level of skill, and takes time! These are the primary reasons why we have few competitors who can match our level of quality. The inability to predict an exact turnaround time is innate to the process itself.

The process of preserving the blooms takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

Once your blooms are dry, we individually put wire stems on them and color enhance each bloom, a labor intensive and slow process.

Framing materials can have a multitude of quality issues that delay our process, i.e, a manufacturer’s mouldings arrive damaged, frames have been joined poorly in corners, chip in glass cases etc. The list is endless. Our process time includes all of the time necessary to insure that the materials used for your piece are as flawless as possible.

Professional framing services take time.

If you, our customer, will be patient with us and this tedious process, we will deliver a high quality keepsake that you will feel was worth the investment and time. back to top

I don’t know how many flowers or which case I will want, what do I do?
That’s o.k. most people aren’t sure of what they want, a lot of time this is a last minute sort of a thing, (as of that night “someone please get my flowers preserved!!”).  Or they are Memorial flowers and are not sure what the family will want, or are not in the right state of mind to make decisions.  That is why Floral Keepsakes offers our “Best Of” program.  You bring in as many flowers that you think you will want, we even encourage you to bring in extras, so you can pick the very best ones after they are freeze-dried.  You will only be charged for the flowers you wish to keep.  If you bring in 3 dozen roses and you only want the best 4 blooms, then we will only charge you for 4 flowers.   We have found this program to be helpful for the many people that just aren’t sure what exactly they want to do with them. Note: The flowers that you do not choose will not be given back to you, unless you purchase them. back to top

Can all flowers be preserved?
Almost, 95% of the flowers out there can be preserved.  Some flowers in the Orchid family and Spider mums don’t freeze-dry as well as other flowers, in some cases we will replace flowers that do not freeze-dry well with quality silks at no extra charge.  The age and the condition of the flowers at the time we receive them plays a role in how well they preserve.  Some foliages have to be replaced with silk or preserved greenery.  If the flowers are in too bad of a condition to freeze-dry Floral Keepsakes will be happy to replace any flowers that need it at no extra charge. back to top

Do the flowers change color?
Slight color variations can occur in the freeze-dry process.  Some reds may deepen, whites may take on a soft ivory color. Vivid Pinks and Purples may slightly change hue. Floral Keepsakes takes advantage of the latest techniques and technology to process your flowers and we will take every step to minimize these shade changes during our pre and post-color treatment process. back to top

How long will freeze-dried flowers last?
Floral Keepsakes has invested over 25 years in researching the best methods for floral preservation, and the many steps we take in our process insure that your Floral Keepsake will last for many years to come! Over those years, some flower shades may soften, but the overall shape and appearance of your piece will remain beautiful. Floral Keepsakes color enhances all flowers to help them retain a natural look.  Some factors that affect the longevity of your piece include the flower condition upon arrival to our design studio, age of the flowers upon arrival, and the amount of sunlight, heat and humidity they are exposed to once the piece is in your home.  Do not display flowers in direct sunlight, heat source, or in a humid area, such as a bathroom.  Let Floral Keepsakes Preserve the Memories for a lifetime! back to top

How much does Floral Preservation cost?
This answer really depends on your budget and the type and size of the display you select.  We can preserve a single rose for $8.00 and you can put it in your own vase/container, or you can get one of our Custom Shadow Boxes and display all your wedding keepsakes in it from $550.00 on up, (we like to call this “the wedding shrine“).   The average customer’s keepsake design being between: $250.00-$550.00. back to top

Can I bring in my own display case?
Sorry, no.  Due to liability reasons (if we break it!!) we do not accept outside display cases.  But the good news is, unlike most other freeze-driers, who require you to purchase their case, Floral Keepsakes will freeze-dry your flowers without a case.  We will even be happy to design them to fit whatever case you have, just tell us the dimensions!!  Or for you crafty people, we will give the flowers back to you and you can design them yourself in your own case. Some people just place them in their own china cabinet or a beautiful glass vase. back to top

How do I care for my Fresh Flowers until they are Delivered to you?
The most important thin to remember:  Keep them in water, cool and get them into us as soon as possible. Ideally, flowers should arrive at our design studio within 72 hours of the event. The fresher the flowers, the better the end result!  We are opened Monday thru Friday, 10 to 5 and on weekends by appointment.  For even fresher flowers, have us pick them up at your reception!

KEEP FLOWERS IN WATER - give them a fresh cut that night - ½“ inch, and keep them in a vase of water.  If the stems are ribbon wrapped, remove the ribbon (we can replace it later).  If your bouquet is in a holder with foam, add water to this.  Spray/sprinkle flowers with water, put a light weight plastic bag over them and keep them in the refrigerator, (try not to touch the sides) until they are delivered to us.  Make sure the refrigerator is not on high, you  DO NOT want the flowers to freeze!  Don’t store them with any fruits or vegetables.

Note:  If you put the flowers in the freezer by mistake (bad advice from your in-laws!), keep them frozen and call us (no hurry now), with further instructions 602-274-3074.  We can still freeze-dry them - don’t feel bad, we‘ve seen it before! back to top

Do you offer a Pick Up Service?
Floral Keepsakes offers a Pick Up Service for the night of your wedding or the next day.  Please call 602-274-3074 for details. back to top

I’m out of town, how do I ship my flowers to you?
Floral Keepsakes preserves flowers from all over the United States.  If you are out of state, or need to mail them to us: 

  1. Call us at 602-274-3074  to let us know when we can be expecting them and to get your information.
  2. Get a Styrofoam cooler, tape two frozen ice packs to the bottom with duct tape.
  3. Place wrinkled tissue or newspaper on top of the ice (approx. 2-3”).
  4. Spritz flowers with water, if hand-tied, put wet paper towels on over the bottom of the stems and wrap the towels with plastic or foil.  If they are in foam, add more water to it.  Place the flowers in a large plastic bag, blow air into the bag and tie with rubber band.  Put into cooler.
  5. Place some more wrinkled tissue on sides and top to keep it in place.
  6. If you have any other extra flowers (from centerpieces or brides maids), go ahead and put them in and we can use them to replace any in your bouquet that might need it.
  7. Place the cooler in a cardboard box and ship it Next Day Air - UPS, FEDEX, US Post Office to:
                   FLORAL KEEPSAKES
                   5202 NORTH 7TH STREET
                   PHOENIX, AZ 85014
  8. We will call you to let you know we received your flowers and to get a deposit. back to top

We are here Monday thru Saturday, 10 to 5 and on Sunday by appointment.