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Our wedding gown specialist, Tina Nilsen, has extensive knowledge and expertise with wedding gowns.  She has been cleaning and preserving wedding gowns for over 25 years.  She has processed thousands of gowns and she will give individual attention to each and every gown that comes to Floral Keepsakes.  We can take care of any of your gown needs, whether you need it pressed only, cleaned and pressed, or cleaned and preserved for the next generation.

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Preserve yourgown for the next generation . . . . 
with our exclusive “Museum Style” Heirloom Preservation System!

The industry’s leading worldwide gown preservation company will preserve your wedding gown using the safest methods of removing body oils, make-up, hemline stains, plus food and beverage spills.

Proper cleaning and a Proper storage environment is essential to preparing your gown for long-term safe-keeping.

It is our nature to want to pass down the important physical items and treasures that have meant so much to us during our lifetime.

Preservation Makes Sense
The most important factor in judging the value of an item past is the item’s condition. Sentimental value is important, but a well-preserved, carefully stored family keepsake that is passed from generation to generation, will be more valuable, both sentimentally and from a monetary standpoint if the item has been carefully preserved. 
Museums and art galleries are the primary experts in these techniques.

Our Museum Style System
The world-renowned Smithsonian Institute and National Museum is entrusted with many of America’s national treasurers, including the first national flag which was made in 1812. Our Museum Style system of cleaning and preserving garments employs many of the same methods used by the Smithsonian to preserve this treasure, including:

  • Expert Cleaning
  • Moisture & Oxygen Control Storage Environment
  • Sealed Storage Environment for protection from dust and insect damage

Any garment can be saved for future generations . . .Here are a few examples:

  • Christening Gowns
  • Sports Uniforms
  • Military & Scouting Apparel
  • Baby Clothing
  • Flower Girl Dresses
  • First Communion Dresses
  • Flags & Banners

Moisture & Oxygen Control
Oxygen is purged from the sealed box and replaced with an inert gas, reducing the discoloring effects of oxidation.  Agents are sealed with your keepsake to prevent mold and mildew.

Sealed Environment
Each exclusive storage box is encased with a clear seal that protects your keepsake from airborne contaminants, insect and pest damage.

Acid-Free Packaging
Interior surfaces and packing tissue are made of acid-free materials. This ensures the color-fastness of your keepsake.

FLORAL KEEPAKES Program Guarantees your satisfaction.
Every preserved Wedding Gown comes with a Written Warranty!